• Schematic Design
    The Schematic Design Documents shall include a Conceptual Site plan, if appropriate, and preliminary building plans, sections and elevations. At the Architect’s option, the Schematic Design Documents may include study models, perspective sketches, electronic modeling and combinations of these media. Preliminary selections of major building systems and construction materials shall be noted on the drawings or described in writing.


  • Design Development
    The architect shall provide Design Development Documents based on the approved Schematic Design Documents and updated budget for the Cost of the work. The Design Development Documents shall illustrate and describe the enhancement of the design of the Project, establishing the scope, relationships, forms, size and appearance of the Project by the mean of plans, sections and elevations, typical construction details, and equipment layouts. The Design Development Documents shall include specifications that identify major materials and systems and establish in general their quality levels.


  • Construction Documents/ Detail Design
    The Architect shall provide Construction Documents based on the approved Design Development Documents and updated budget for the Cost of the work. The Construction Documents shall set forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project. The Construction Documents shall include Drawings and Specifications that establish in detail the quality levels of materials and systems required for the Project.


  • Tendering Stage
    The Architect shall assist the Owner in the development and preparation of:
    • Bidding and procurement information which describes the time, place and conditions of bidding; bidding or proposal forms; and the form of agreement between the owner and the Contractor,
    • The Conditions of the Contract for the Construction (General, supplementary and other conditions),
    • Obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals and shall assist the owner in awarding and preparing contracts for construction,
    • Establishing a list of prospective bidders or contractors,
    • Bidding validation or proposal evaluation and determination of the successful bid or proposal, if any. If requested by the owner, the architect shall notify all prospective bidders or contractors of the bid or proposal results.


  • Construction Administration and Site Supervision Stage
    During construction, the architect shall be involved in various post contract duties such as construction administration and supervision, quantity surveying services, reporting on RFI’s, shop drawings, review and approve material samples and schedules as well as built drawings.
    The prime objective of construction administration is to obtain quality production as specified and set by the contract within true time frame and budget allocation. This objective is deemed to be achieved through proper and firm administration of the contract that will render the required control of quality, cost efficiency and time management.

If the client’s own resources require support in specific areas of expertise, we can offer the client that expert support in every aspect of project management, from strategic advice to facilitation, to task basis consulting services. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Effective procurement strategies
  • Project planning and co-ordination
  • A full range of technical supervision services
  • Project monitoring services
  • Watching brief services
  • Project audits and reviews
  • Developing single team and partnering alliances

Infrastructure Services are provided by Sinergo - our IS partner.

Over the years Sinergo has consolidated its relationships with companies, professionals or science and university institutes specialized in specific technical and environmental sectors to develop integrated engineering services to gain excellence in project designing solutions to meet the Customer’s requirements. The sectors in which Sinergo works consolidated its relationship with companies, professionals or science and university institutes specialized in specific technical and environmental sectors to develop global are:

  • Infrastructures
  • Services and residences
  • Hospitals and research
  • Industry
  • Energy production

CAP’s master planning and urban design services ensure that our clients’ real estate holdings are aligned with their planning objectives, patterns of use, and strategic vision.

We consider good urbanism to be the most sustainable approach to development and we use urban design principles that create safe and attractive mixed-use environments, with a human scale and a strong sense of place.

Our services include:

  • Development master planning
  • Design and architecture for city infrastructure
  • Land use planning
  • Urban design guidelines

At CAP, we strive to provide an integrated service that combines all stages of the process to create unique, uplifting environments that meet clients’ objectives. Our design recommendations are always informed by user requirements and strategic business objectives.
Our approach can be categorized as engaged – where strategy and creative questioning work together to reveal the design as a total, meaningful solution. We believe that design excellence requires, in equal measure, both rational and intuitive thinking.

Our services include:

  • Concept design and feasibility studies
  • Interior design
  • Project delivery Furniture consultancy


Interior Design services are provided through KLD - our ID partner.

KLD was originally formed in the UK by Ken Laidler in 1979. In 1991KLD commenced work in the UAE, by 1994 opened a fully operational office in Dubai and has been continually commissioned to design and supervise the implementation of the very highest level Hospitality, Residential and Commercial projects. KLD celebrated 30 years in business in 2009. Our design philosophy has always been and will always be to provide the unexpected.

KLD Strengths

KLD's knowledge gained through vast experience in terms of quality of detailing, in depth understanding of the total design process, fit out, delivery process, methodology is second to none in the region. Our international design team gives strength and depth to our creativity. Having operated in the region since 1991, KLD has a wealth of local experience and knowledge.


Our professional Landscape Architects and Designers are key to our creative solutions. We can assist you not only with garden design, but also with design and layout of landscapes (driveway, sidewalks, swimming pool, deck, etc.) so that all the elements of your project merge into one complete thought.

Our sustainable approach to landscape design focuses on using indigence, drought-tolerant plants, local light colored materials and shaded outdoor spaces in order to save water consumption and improve the overall comfort of amenity areas.