about us

We are committed to design excellence, sustainability and creating an environment that always places people at the core of its activities.

To ensure that our clients’ project goals are met, CAP Group is capable of providing full services in the areas of Architectural, Landscaping, Engineering, Infrastructure Development, Project management and interior designing companies.

With many large prestigious projects underway in the UAE, Lebanon and Iraq, CAP has gained credence and developed a strong reputation in the local property market, having experience in commercial, residential, recreational, tourist and mixed use developments.

Our growth is driven by sound technical, commercial practices and experience, supported by the values that have guided us since our first project.

The journey began in Beirut in 1994. We established our first branch in the UAE in 2005 under the name of Concepts, Architecture and Planning (CAP), an innovative architectural and planning firm.

Thus, the CAP Group evolved through organic growth and acquisitions resulting in a group with expertise in various professional disciplines in the Building, Design and Development Industry.

Our international portfolio has expanded beyond its retail and entertainment roots to include hotels and resorts; residential complexes; office and commercial facilities; town centers; and visionary master plans.

Our mission is to deliver high quality designs and commercially viable schemes that exceed our client’s expectations and provide award-winning, sustainable environments that people enjoy.

To position ourselves for sustainability and future growth, we commit ourselves to the following values:

  • Client focus, integrity and transparency,
  • To consistently provide our clients with the highest levels of service,
  • Strive to remain a quality organization,
  • Encourage innovation and flexibility throughout the business,
  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills both within our business and with our clients,
  • Ensure that our employees find it rewarding, challenging and stimulating to work within our organization,
  • Ensure that the business continues to be appropriately funded to meet our goals and growth objectives.

Our vision is to be a quality driven international consultancy recognized by our clients for the value and innovation we provide whilst being an employer of choice.

We recognize that each project is as unique as each client is. We understand that commercial architecture is a collaborative process. Fundamental to our approach is the flexibility of styles that allows the creation of bespoke designs.

From creative design through to professional and technical consultancy, we consider every aspect of the project and how the result works within its environment.

Our methodology is based on the system approach that basically view design as part of an overall system of interrelated components. The best way to explain this approach is by modeling the proposed optimum solution, in an abstract way, as the integration of five basic frames of reference:

  • Objectives Frame
  • Activities Frame
  • Environments Frame
  • Building Frame
  • Costs Frame

Each one of these frames contains inside its boundaries special information and knowledge that contribute to the final shape of the design solution. It is the responsibility of the design team to make sure that no piece of information or knowledge shall be missing from the proposal at any stage of the development that allows us to analyze the solution in an objective way that explains the logic behind any decision taken.